St. Mary's Road Map


  • Gross Acres (ga): 53.054
  • Net Acres (na): 52.321
  • Trails (Miles): 0.74 (Hiking and Biking)
  • Wetlands (Acres): 1.13
  • Agricultural (Acres): 0


  • Maxey *: 09/30/86 - 53.054 ga - (52.321 na) - $736,162.00
  • Total Cost: $736,162.00

* The Township owns 50.000 gross acres, 49.267 net acres of the Maxey parcel, while it owns a conservation easement on the remaining 3.054 gross and net acres.

Ecological Description (Applied Ecological Services, Inc. 1997)

The Maxey parcel lies on level to gently rolling slopes of predominantly silt loam soils that are well-drained to moderately well-drained. About 25% of the soils are mapped as poorly to somewhat poorly-drained, occupying two drainage swales. Two small detention ponds have been excavated in these soils in the southeastern corner of the property. A bicycle trail dissects the property, and a park with recreational facilities and water tower occupy the west end. The dominant vegetation cover includes recently developed, closed-canopied woodlands of elm and basswood, with scattered oaks and heavy buckthorn invasion to the north and east. Open fields consist of weedy grass and forb species typical of fallowed agricultural land, including Kentucky blue grass, asters, dandelion, and goldenrod. Some native wet prairie species, including sedges (Carex bebbii and C. annectens), grass-leaved goldenrod (Solidago graminifolia), and beard tongue (Penstemon digitalis), are present in low wet areas, suggesting a native seed bank persists. A tree row of young American elm, some large cottonwood and old oaks, with an understory of buckthorn and mostly weedy ground layer species separates the old field from the park to the west.