Milwaukee Avenue Map


  • Gross Acres (ga): 87.269
  • Net Acres (na): 84.618
  • Trails (Miles): 0
  • Wetlands (Acres): 7.32
  • Agricultural (Acres): 46.70


  • Egidi*: 09/15/87 - 50.254 ga - (49.930 na) - $480,000.00
  • MacArthur: 02/25/00 - 18.805 ga - (17.035 na) - $600,000.00
  • Egidi II: 04/04/01 - 18.210 ga - (17.653 na) - $910,425.00
  • Total Cost: $1,990,425.00

* There was an exchange of land between the Township and the Egidi family in 2001, in which the Township gave up the land now described by PIN's 11-04-100-023, 11-04-100-024, and 11-04-100-025. The original gross area of the parcel was 50.76 acres, while the original net area was 50.436 acres.

Ecological Description (Applied Ecological Services, Inc. 1997)

Note: The AES report was compiled prior to the purchase of both the MacArthur (the area south of Casey Road) and the Egidi II (an elongated area running roughly northeast to southwest through the main parcel lying north of Casey Road) parcels, and as such, they are not included in the description of the site.

The soils on this property are predominantly loam and silt loam on gently rolling hills, with some areas of steep, highly eroded soils, and drainage ways and low areas mapped as poorly drained mineral soils. Some residential development occurs centrally in this parcel. Much of the property has been plowed and planted in winter wheat. The adjacent properties to the west and north are open agricultural lands and the Merit Club golf course. Highway 21 bounds the property to the east. Beyond the highway to the east are the bottomlands associated with the Des Plaines River.